open a point of sale

1 what it is

The point of sale represents the image of the entire brand ahead of the customers and that is why we invest money in marketing and in the communication, offering a high profile training to our affiliates who are the crown jewel of the organization.

2 what we offer

Opening with our commercial formula means:

  • Entering a world made of QUALITY, skills and innovation.
  • Having at your disposal tools, supports and prospects that only a market leader can offer you.
  • Allowing yourself to develop your skills at the highest level and conveying you valuable skills for professional growth.

We offer QUALITY to receive QUALITY!

3 how many

Each metropolitan area will have different points of sale distributed with BUFFER ZONES, so that each store can independently manage its own area and customers.

4 location

The choice of the area and the right premises are essential for the success of the investment. Choosing an area with excellent characteristics is strategic:
Important characteristics of the area

  • Walkway
  • Commercial area

Essential characteristics of the premises

Minimum recommended size 70 square meters
  • 50 square meters for the premises
  • 20 square meters for the premises (workshop / warehouse)
At least a shopwindow on the main sidewalk


5 advantages

The main advantages are the following:

  • no entry Fees and no Royalties on sales: MAMAITALY wants to facilitate its partners;
  • no purchase obligations on quantities
  • quality, speed and efficiency
  • sure and high earnings
  • no workshop big saving
  • ready-made product


6 we look for

The MAMAITALY proposal is open to all! You do not need to be an expert in the sector, it is enough to be PASSIONATE about working in the food sector:

  • this could be the formula if you want to start your own independent and profitable business in a pleasant environment;
  • it is an excellent solution if you are already present in the food sector and you want to increase your profitability by creating a completely new project.
  • a great proposal if you want to start an independent high-income business where you can even work with your family and create a future in this sector. We, too, believe in you and we are ready to offer you all the tools to become a great entrepreneur.

7 training

MAMAITALY undertakes to train new affiliates, instructing them about how to start the project management, providing them with the necessary equipment and the technical support.
We believe that a correct partnership must be reciprocal and must transfer real, concrete and lasting advantages to the partner both during the opening phase and in the daily management of the activity; and for this reason, for us training is an essential and above all constant element during our relationship with our affiliates.
Our proposal is fair, simple and convenient.


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