The main advantages are the following:

  • no entry Fees and no Royalties on sales: MAMAITALY wants to facilitate its partners;
  • no purchase obligations on quantities: you will only order what you need at that time, without any obligations on quantities, without, however, penalizing the MAMAITALY brand or its customers;
  • quality, speed and efficiency: the MAMAITALY production center is always close to you and guarantees you the use of certified Italian products, fresh products of the highest quality (mandatory conditions of our procedural guideline), speed in delivery time within 24 hours from the order;
  • sure and high earnings: opening a successful place is what many people dream of, but you need a lot of experience and a significant initial investment that is often difficult to be amortized by a single structure. The solution is MAMAITALY that, thanks to its organization, allows you at minimal cost to make this dream come true;
  • no workshop big saving: the workshop is the most relevant cost of a place, therefore avoiding this burden YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO: buy very expensive machinery for the production, pay for the maintenance, pay staff for the production, control the quality of the production, buy raw materials, pay extremely expensive water, power and gas bills.
  • ready-made product: without having to think about the production, the management of your place will be much simpler, less burdensome and you will be able to spend much more time on your customers and so on sales, the most profitable part.
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