The choice of the area and the right premises are essential for the success of the investment.

Choosing an area with adequate characteristics is strategic:
Logistic – commercial characteristics

Production department. You are required:
  • to be able to respect fast delivery times so as to ensure fresh products with the highest quality to customers and points of sale
  • a sufficient number of inhabitants
Intensive production department: this is the evolution of the production center, which involves moving the production department to a typically industrial area. If you interested in the Production department, you will need:
  • to have adequate dimensions that will be calculated together with our experts
  • fast roads as close as possible
Points of sale. You will need:
  • to have a walkway
  • to be near commercial areas

Physical characteristics of the production center

Minimum recommended size 400 square meters
  • 160 square meters for the premises
  • 240 square meters for the premises (workshop / warehouse)
At least a shopwindow on the main sidewalk

Documentation required

  • Photos of all the external shopwindows of the premises
  • Photos of the building
  • Photos of the nearby stores
  • Photos of the street at the moment of greater pedestrian presence
Short description of the area
  • Area name (if it has one)
  • Position in the city (outskirts, center, etc.)

Areas of interest on the territory (museums, public buildings, buildings of worship, etc.)

We would like to know this information because we care for your future, in fact with its help our technicians will carry out a research to understand the commercial possibilities of the area. In case the area might be compatible, one of our technicians will visit with you the premises to examine personally the possibility of opening a MAMAITALY production center.

In case of a positive outcome we will start together to:

  • Understand what type of works you will have to face in order to get the premises up to standard
  • Design the premises with our architects
  • Establish the dates of the training courses for you and for your employees
  • Establish the opening date of your premises
  • Prepare all the marketing necessary for the event
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